Senate Estimates Opening Statement — 5 March 2020

6 March 2020

Senate Additional Estimates Opening Statement, 5 March 2020.

The DTA leads digital transformation in government to make services simple, smart and personalised.

As an Executive Agency within the Social Services Portfolio, we work closely with Services Australia in delivering our mission. We focus on the needs and expectations of the people and businesses who deal with government. We also support agencies to make more effective use of digital to improve services and ensure they are accessible.

In the past year, we have continued to deliver in many important areas, including digital identity, whole-of-government platforms, sourcing, and advising on digital and ICT-enabled proposals and projects.

We have continued to work across all levels of government on national digital priorities. This work is being supported by the Australian Data and Digital Council (or ADDC) and this has been fundamental in driving better cross-jurisdictional collaboration. Transforming services around life-events like having a baby is one of the ADDC’s key priorities. This approach will make it easier for people and businesses to access the services they need.

Along with our existing programs, this year we will be focussed on supporting the implementation of recommendations from the APS Review. Recommendation 15 relates to building digital expertise and this is one of our focus areas. To this end, the DTA is working closely with the Australian Public Service Commission to establish a digital profession. This will ensure that the APS has the capabilities it needs to deliver on its vision and make the most efficient and effective use of digital. Digital continues to provide significant opportunities to drive transformation and improve service delivery. The DTA is proactively leading work in this space.

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