People and business at the centre with digital identity standards

17 September 2019

Consultations on a fourth iteration of the Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF) have started. 

The fourth iteration will focus on allowing the commercial sector to undergo accreditation, a foundational step toward developing a true whole-of-economy solution.

This new round of consultation and collaboration shows that people and businesses continue to be firmly at the centre of improving service delivery.

The consultations will also cover interoperability with other Trust Frameworks, including the Australian Payment Council’s TrustID Framework. The latest iteration will also consider cross-recognition of digital identities created in New Zealand and Singapore identity programs, as well as broadening the TDIF to support organisations and agencies that choose to undergo accreditation.

We are leading the Australia-wide consultations. 

Working with key partners, we will hear from community groups and corporations through to all levels of government. To date, more than 3,000 contributions from the community, industry and international bodies have contributed to the development of earlier iterations of the framework.

The TDIF sets out the tools and rules for the transformative digital identity program that aims to make it easier for Australians to access government services digitally. It also ensures that security and privacy are front and centre.

It has been developed in consultation with the broader community, privacy advocates, industry, states and territories, and international bodies over the past 3 years. The fourth iteration of the TDIF will be released in early 2020.

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