New release of the Protected Utility blueprint

21 July 2021

The first Protected Utility blueprint was launched in March 2020, and we are excited to share further improvements.


This latest release incorporates Information Security Manual (ISM) updates from April 2021, community feedback, and additional products which have been coordinated using GitHub.

New products added to the blueprint in this release include:

  • Microsoft 365 Forms
  • Whiteboard
  • Planner.

Other improvements and updates include iOS 14 hardening, in line with the latest Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) guidance, and incorporating Information Security Manual (ISM) updates from April 2021.

The latest release also focusses on further blueprint improvements including:

  • accuracy and corrections to outdated content such as product names and relocations
  • filling in gaps or missing content (Windows application whitelisting, DefenderATP, CMTrace, sensitivity labels)
  • initial scripting a component to speed up implementation and provide an ability to audit
  • stronger E8 Guidance and Maturity Controls (improvements to OLE hardening, Assurance toolkit)
  • policy changes (iOS 14 guidance, ISM April 2021)
  • updates to security documentation to support blueprint changes.

Updates and release notes in detail

Release notes on the high-level changes appear on GitHub. For exact details on changes, please follow the linked pull request tickets.

Planned updates for future releases

These include:

  • blueprint assurance toolkit
  • expand ACSC Essential Eight material
  • incorporate guidance on the 21 Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents (
  • update the continuous monitoring plan
  • consolidated duplicate content for a better user experience.

Any questions about the blueprint, please email or visit our online community and start a conversation.

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