A new innovation hub at the DTA

29 August 2018

Today we’re launching our new co-Lab innovation hub to help accelerate cross-government collaboration and digital innovation.

Based in Sydney, our co-Lab is a dedicated place for teams across government to work on products in partnership with the DTA and private sector specialists.

The co-Lab team is led by DTA digital experts across content design and strategy, service design, user research, accessibility and agile delivery.

We’ll host 3 types of tailored programs in the space to make sure teams are getting the best outcomes:

  • single day experiences for teams to share and learn from others
  • multi-week experiences for testing solutions or creating proofs-of-concept
  • in-residency experiences for problem-solving initiatives that might span months

Spaces like co-lab allow us to bring together agencies and align our efforts to design better government services for people and businesses.

We hope that the shared environment of co-Lab will create new partnerships, conversations and ways of working.

This is just the beginning, and we’re looking forward to launching a second co-Lab space in Canberra towards the end of the year.

Interested in participating? Contact the team at co-lab@dta.gov.au



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