Help shape the future of myGov

19 October 2020

We’re looking for people to take part in our myGov Beta trial. You can help us improve the way government delivers services.

How a Beta works

A Beta is a product or service which is ready for testing and feedback from users. It won’t have all the features and functions, but is continually improved and updated with user feedback.

The myGov Beta website

We’re redeveloping myGov to help you find and access government payments and services easier.

myGov Beta is a trial website with limited functionality that lets us test new and improved features.

The new features will give you information about government services and details about your use of them. We’re testing the website with groups of users who will give their feedback to help improve the new site.

Taking part in the myGov Beta trial

You may be able to take part in the trial if you’re:

  • thinking of claiming JobSeeker payment, and
  • have an existing Centrelink account linked to myGov.

Express your interest in participating

Your responses will help us check if you meet the requirements for the trial.

If you meet the requirements for the trial, we will contact you by email within 1 business day with further instructions.

If you participate in the myGov Beta trial, your payment start date, if granted, is the date you submit your claim. Your claim won’t be backdated to when you volunteered for the trial.

If you need to claim JobSeeker Payment immediately, you should complete your claim in your Centrelink online account.

What’s involved in the trial?

The trial will allow you to:

  • find information about the JobSeeker Payment
  • sign in with your myGov account username, password and code or secret answer
  • claim for JobSeeker Payment
  • see the status of your JobSeeker claim
  • check JobSeeker payment details
  • read and manage messages in your myGov Inbox.

Like myGov, the information you view and enter on this website is secure.

At the end of the trial period we’ll email you a survey asking you about your experience. We’ll use your feedback to improve the features on the myGov Beta website. The trial survey does not need and will not ask you for personal details relating to your JobSeeker claim.

If you wish to leave the trial at any time, you can still claim JobSeeker with Centrelink through your myGov account.

Further Information

For more information about the myGov Beta trial, email  Please do not give private details about yourself in this email.

For media enquiries email us at

For other enquiries email us at