Extra support to create a digital identity

12 June 2018

We’ve released the second part of the rules to create a digital identity for public comment, describing support available to people who need extra help.

The digital identity program is evolving. Read our recent information on this topic.

The Trusted Digital Identity Framework sets out the rules and requirements that will build a nationally-consistent approach to digital identity in Australia.

Late last year we released the first part of the framework for feedback. That first release followed more than two years of research and consultation and set out the requirements for how we establish a digital identity for individuals, accredit others to be part of the digital identity system, and protect privacy and security.

We are pleased to have received more than 1000 comments through online contributions and face-to-face meetings. Those responses helped us simplify the information from 14 documents to 10. We encourage everyone to look at the final documents and read a summary of the feedback.

The section we have released for comment today includes technical information as well as describing the support for people creating a digital identity when they need extra help.

To prove who you are online you need certain types of official documents and access to technology. Not everybody has this. For example, people may have recently arrived in Australia, got married and changed their name, or have no access to a smartphone.  

This extra help is in line with the government’s Digital Service Standard, which requires our services to be designed for everyone regardless of ability or environment.

Please give us your feedback on these rules through our consultation platform. The feedback period closes on 12 July 2018.

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