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15 December 2016

Two key elements of the digital transformation agenda have been released as another step towards changing how the government delivers digital services.

Assistant Minister for Digital Transformation Angus Taylor has launched the digital transformation roadmap, which sets out the vision, key pieces of work and timelines for the government’s transformation agenda for the next 18 months.

The roadmap will be more detailed as government agencies develop their plans to identify what initiatives they will deliver under the transformation agenda.

A key feature of the roadmap is what the government expects the user experience to be in the future—that is digital services that are simpler, faster and easier to use.

To highlight some improvements users could further expect, Assistant Minister Taylor and Minister for Human Services Alan Tudge released an “alpha” video for the myGov platform.

The changes will mean myGov will be easier to use on any device, will have a simpler design and will give users a guided experience so they can create and access their account.

Users will also be able to choose simpler log-in options to suit their needs, while the myGov platform will remain highly secure.

The myGov changes, set to roll out next year, will build on the improvements made this year. These have included giving users the option to use their email address as a username and the ability to update their details across multiple agencies, as well as improving functionality to the myGov inbox.



Narrator: myGov is used by millions of people to make accessing online government services convenient and now we’re planning to make it even simpler clearer and faster to use.

On screen: myGov is used by millions of people to access government services

On screen: myGov will be simpler, clearer and faster to use

Narrator: we’ve engaged with existing and future users to identify and understand their needs and ways we can improve the myGov experience.

On screen: we’ve listened to you feedback

On screen: “My mobile phone wasn’t working… I had to set up a new account.”

On screen: “People forget their passwords, the reset process is annoying.”

On screen: “It’s very complex. My biggest problem is logging in…”

On screen: “It’s frustrating - you have to get a code and come back.”

Narrator: we’re making changes so it will be easier to use with a simpler design and will give users a guided experience to create and access their account.

On screen: scrolling on existing myGov welcome page (mobile)

On screen: simpler design / clearer information / faster guided experience scrolling on new myGov prototype login page

Narrator: with these changes myGov will work better on phones and tablets so users can easily access government services whenever they need and on the device of their choice.

On screen: shows new prototype log in page on desktop, tablet and mobile

On screen: we tested the mobile experience with users

Narrator: research has shown that the new prototype site is much easier to navigate on a phone so we’ll give users a number of options to quickly log into their account on mobile devices.

On screen: “This is good. Looks simple.”

On screen: “It can be overwhelming and this is not.”

On screen: “That was easy. There’s not much to sidetrack me.”

On screen: “straightforward… Pretty self-explanatory.”

On screen: we will introduce more flexible log in options

On screen: Typing in email on Alpha prototype (mobile)

Narrator: they’ll be some two-step authentication options to ensure myGov remains highly secure and gives users the flexibility to choose which option best meets their needs.

On screen: maintaining security while providing users choice and flexibility

Typing in password and security code (mobile)

Narrator: this is expected to reduce the number of users being locked out.

On screen: shows Your linked services page (mobile)

Narrator: as we continue to evolve myGov we will look to introduce more functionality such as building on our tell-us-once policy by giving Australians greater control of their personal information and giving users the option to receive messages in the most relevant and convenient way by giving them the control over how government communicate with them.

On screen: what comes next / shows mobile with question mark

On screen: giving users greater control over personal details

Scrolling on myGov Alpha prototype Activity centre (mobile) / inputting address details, checking ‘same as residential address’ and clicking update / shows personal details have been updated (mobile)

On screen: giving users the control over how government communicates with them

Clicks ‘Account settings’ / changes Notification preferences and updates (mobile)

Narrator: these changes to myGov will make accessing government services simpler clearer and faster.

On screen: changes to myGov will make accessing government services simpler, clearer and faster


On screen: Modernising myGov / Video by the Digital Transformation Agency

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