A coordinated approach to buying IT services from IBM

5 July 2018

A new whole-of-government agreement has been made that will make it easier for government agencies to purchase IBM products and services.

The new arrangement will give government agencies better value for money and more flexibility when sourcing commonly used IBM products and services. These include critical cloud services, IT systems maintenance, software solutions development and IT support.

For agencies already using IBM services, existing contracts will be moved under the new arrangement or included once they are established. All new contracts will be made under the whole-of-government arrangement.

A coordinated approach to digital sourcing will make it easier for agencies to buy technology, drive innovation and get more value out of their investments.

Read the guidance we have developed for agencies.

Read the media release on the new agreement.

Agencies with questions about the new arrangement can email ICTprocurement@dta.gov.au for more information.

For media enquiries email us at media@dta.gov.au or call 0438 156 883

For other enquiries email us at info@dta.gov.au