Australia Post’s digital iD accredited under TDIF

24 July 2019

Australia Post’s Digital iD service has been accredited as a trusted identity service provider under the Australian Government’s Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF).

It is the first industry provider accredited under the TDIF. This digital identity federation is designed to have multiple identity providers to give those using the system choice.

The introduction of Australia Post into the Digital Identity system is one of the foundational steps needed for the system to develop into a true whole-of-economy solution.

TDIF sets the rules and requirements for participants of the Digital Identity system and delivers on the privacy, security and fraud expectations of users. It is designed to ensure that the identity system is consistent, safe and meets user needs.

This ensures every government agency and organisation that joins the identity system is held to the same standard. In the future, it will be possible for many government agencies, banks, or other organisations to seek to become part of the identity system.

Providing Australians with choice and control of who they share identity information with was one of the recommendations of the Financial Services Inquiry. This is part of how the government is building trust and privacy into the Digital Identity system.

Read the Trusted Digital Identity Framework for more information.

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