Agencies invited to trial

28 March 2019 is a whole-of-government notifications platform that allows agencies to send reminders and messages to users. The platform has now moved into private beta and we’re inviting agencies to trial it at no cost.

As part of the government’s Digital Transformation Strategy, we have committed to build platforms to support better services. The Digital Service Platforms Strategy outlines how whole-of-government digital platforms increase the integrity and consistency of government service delivery, and provide a unified and seamless user experience.

In Private Beta, using open source code developed by GDS UK, we have developed a whole-of-government notifications platform called This platform will provide federal, state, territory and local government agencies with an easy, low cost way to communicate with their users anywhere in the world. is an option for agencies that:

  • want an open source solution that is easy to integrate with current systems
  • want a way to send out non-sensitive reminders to users
  • may not need to send regular notifications
  • may not have access to existing technology or infrastructure
  • may not have access to the myGov notifications system

Guided by user research

People make millions of calls and enquiries each year to government agencies to find out about the progress of their applications, payments and obligations.

Through our user research, we found that people want to receive immediate updates on non-sensitive information through text message and/or email with small snippets of useful information.

For example, they want to be reminded of an upcoming appointment, to be updated when their application has progressed in a queue, or to be told when their document or card is about to expire.

Key features is simple, easy to use and low cost. It allows you to:

Control your messages

You don’t need any technical knowledge to create email, text messages or letter templates.

Notify: Add text image template


See how your messages perform

Track how many messages you have sent and find out which ones aren’t getting delivered.

Notify: Tracking message sends

Send messages manually

Upload a spreadsheet of email addresses or phone numbers and Notify sends the messages.

Notify: Upload recipient details via spreadsheet

Send messages automatically

Integrate the Notify API with your web application or back office system.

Notify: Send notifications to recipients via Notify API integration

Help us shape the platform

We’re inviting government agencies to trial at no cost until 30 June 2019.

During Private Beta, participating government agencies will be given a password to access the platform in a closed environment. From here, they can set up a password protected user account to send unlimited emails and up to 25,000 free text messages.

The valuable agency feedback collected during this trial will help us make improvements and prioritise features to ensure meets both government and user needs.

For more details about trialling, please email

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