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COVID-19 (coronavirus) important notice

Due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, some of our Digital Sourcing Network’s capability events and working groups are on hold until it is suitable to resume them.

We are all working to support the Australian community during the COVID-19 emergency. Visit for more information.

Working Groups bring sourcing practitioners together to address sourcing challenges or opportunities identified through user research completed by the Digital Sourcing Centre of Excellence.

Participants engage in discussion and investigation, then work in partnership with us to recommend potential solutions to problems and ways to take advantage of sourcing opportunities. Those recommendations steer the development of new tools and resources to support digital sourcing practitioners in practical, relevant ways.

We roll out Working Groups in phases based on complexity and community interest.

Email us for information on how you can participate in a Working Group

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Upcoming Working Groups

Articulating value for money

Topics covered:

  • Our research indicates there are many digital sourcing practitioners looking for clarity on how to describe value for money in the digital landscape. They want to make it easier for delegates to make informed decisions, while still achieve a compliant result.
  • Achieving value for money is the core rule of the Commonwealth Procurement Rules. It ensures we use public resources in the most efficient, effective, ethical and economic way.
  • Digital sourcing practitioners need support to clearly describe the financial and non-financial factors specific to the rapidly evolving digital sourcing environment. This support should encourage innovation and allow delegates to make fast, confident, and well-informed decisions.

Engaging with risk in digital sourcing

Topics covered:

  • Our research indicates there are many digital sourcing practitioners looking for clarity on identifying, mitigating and managing risks specific to digital sourcing and contracting activities.
  • Risk applies to everything and many disciplines have effectively met the challenges of managing risk. Digital sourcing practitioners need support to identify, describe and interact with risks specific to the dynamic and fast-paced digital landscape.
  • By encouraging appropriate engagement with risk in digital sourcing, we can re-imagine workflows and practices to be consistent with our challenges. This will help address fears and give delegates confidence to embrace innovation and develop iterative results quickly.
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In-progress Working Groups

Market research and engagement

Kicked-off 2 July 2019.

Topics covered:

  • Our research indicates there are many digital sourcing practitioners looking for clarity about researching the market and engaging with industry, and supporting the business areas of their departments to do the same.
  • Probity concerns and confusion about the application of the Commonwealth Procurement Rules make people unsure about what they can and can't do. This limits progress in learning about and improving digital sourcing efforts. Relationships between agencies and industry are good for government and shouldn't be discouraged.

Working with digital sourcing specialists as strategic partners

Kicked-off 26 September 2019.

Topics covered:

  • Our research indicates there is a need to treat digital sourcing as a specialist function to achieve better outcomes and strategic value. Digital sourcing capability is a key strategic asset, and yet digital sourcing skills are undervalued because sourcing is considered transactional, not strategic.
  • Digital sourcing capabilities are often engaged too late and are siloed within the organisation. This creates unnecessary challenges and a poor perception of the sourcing discipline, with specialists often being seen as blockers, rather than strategic partners.
  • To fully realise the strategic value digital sourcing specialists can bring to the successful outcomes of business activities, we need better understanding, appreciation and use of digital sourcing capabilities within agencies.
  • Agency sourcing practitioners need to better explain to the business the strategic value of their capabilities, and the capabilities of external specialists through promotion of their value, better early engagement and business education.

Effective contracting for agile, iterative and outcomes-based solutions

Kicked-off 5 November 2019.

Topics covered:

  • Our research indicates that as we move to innovative, iterative ways of working, agencies are encountering difficulties in approaching the market and constructing efficient and economic arrangements to allow true innovation, and iterative, outcomes-based solutions.
  • What guidance and templates do digital sourcing practitioners need to build and manage agile, iterative contracts and partnerships with suppliers? How can the existing Resource Management Framework be employed to assist with this approach?
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