Digital Apprenticeship Program Graduation

Congratulations from The Emerging Talent Team at the Digital Transformation Agency for the successful completion of your Digital Emerging Talent Program! 

Congratulations from The Emerging Talent Team at the Digital Transformation Agency for the successful completion of your Digital Emerging Talent Program!  It has been our great privilege to see the growth and development in all of you from as early as when you applied and interviewed for the Program, right up to your graduation today.

Your graduation recognises the many hours of hard work you have put in not just to complete your qualification, but in the office where you improve the lives of all Australians through the work you all do in your agencies. 

We acknowledge that the past 12 months have been a huge challenge.  The fact that in such an uncertain time you all continued to successfully tackle study and a very different work landscape shows a strength and resilience that we have no doubt will serve you well in your continuing digital careers and lead you to great success.

Unfortunately, the current climate prevents us from holding a big Graduation Ceremony to celebrate your achievements and we are all very upset that we cannot congratulate you all in person.  We hope that these messages will go some way to capturing the spirit of graduation and be something you can share with family and friends. 

Stay in touch! Congratulations again.


A message from the Hon Stuart Robert, Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme and the Minister for Government Services.

 Randall Brugeaud, CEO of the Digital Transformation Agency and Head of the Digital Profession would like to congratulate you on your amazing efforts in graduating from your Emerging Talent Program.

A message from the Canberra Institute of Technology.

The Canberra Institute of Technology are proud to deliver the range of Certificate IV and Diplomas for the Digital Apprenticeship Program.  The team at CIT would like to commend all of you for your hard work and achievements throughout year in the successful completion of the qualification.

Tessa Fallows from the Digital Transformation Agency.

Tessa would like to share with you her Digital Emerging Talent journey and congratulate her fellow apprentices on their graduation from the Program.

Winner of the Digital Commitment Awards.

Randall is excited to announce the winners of the Apprentice, Cadet and Graduate Program Commitment awards.  Congratulations to everyone who was nominated!

One last congratulations to all our graduating participants from the Digital Emerging Talent Programs!

The Emerging Talent team are so very proud of you and your achievements in completing your Programs.  We are honoured to have been on this journey with you and so excited to see where you go from here.