Buying telecommunications products and services

We make it easier for government agencies to buy telecommunications products and services through the Telecommunications Marketplace.

The Telecommunication Marketplace supersedes and expands on the expired Mobile Panel and Telecommunications Services (TSP) panel which expires on 30 November 2020.

The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) will not be extending the TSP. Government buyers can instead purchase telecommunications products and services through the Telecommunications Marketplace.

Buyers with existing contracts under the TSP will continue as normal until the contract expires. If there are any extension options remaining on the contract, buyers can still choose to use them. 

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What can you buy in the Telecommunications Marketplace?

Government Buyers can use the Telecommunications Marketplace to buy the following telecommunications products and services:

  • data carriage services 
  • internet carriage services 
  • fixed line voice carriage services 
  • managed network services 
  • unified communications services 
  • managed voice services 
  • dark fibre services 
  • contact centre systems 
  • enterprise mobility services 
  • satellite services
  • managed router services.
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Who can buy from the Marketplace?

Non-corporate Commonwealth entities

Non-corporate Commonwealth entities (NCEs) must use the Telecommunications Marketplace to buy:

  • data carriage services
  • internet carriage services
  • enterprise mobility services.

NCEs can also choose to buy other telecommunications solutions from the remaining 8 categories.

Other government buyers

The following buyers can choose to use the Telecommunications Marketplace to purchase telecommunications products and services:

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How do I use the Marketplace?

The Telecommunication Marketplace can be found on the ICT Procurement Portal (portal). The portal makes it easier for government buyers to connect and transact with approved sellers.  

Government buyers will need to register on the portal and request access to the Telecommunications Marketplace.

To assist, a range of support materials are available via the support area of the portal. To access these, you will need to be logged into the portal. 

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Marketplace sellers

Each Telecommunications Marketplace category consists of a separate list of approved sellers. Sellers may be approved to sell their telecommunications products and services on one or more categories.

You’ll find a full list of approved sellers on AusTender.

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Benefits of using the Marketplace

Buying your telecommunications products and services is easier and more cost-effective as we provide:

  • 11 categories with regular refresh cycles
  • a catalogue of all categories a buyer can view, select and buy
  • benchmarking and regular price reviews
  • simpler process.
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Fees and charges

There is a central administration fee (CAF) to use the Telecommunications Marketplace. This fee is 2% of the value of any purchases made over $25,000 and the fee is capped at $200,000 (ex. GST) for contracts with a value greater than $10,000,000 (ex. GST). 

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Policy information

Government buyers who use this panel must still comply with the following policies and processes:

The Telecommunications Marketplace is part of the Australian Government’s information and communications technology (ICT) coordinated procurement contracting framework initiatives

Standing offer number

The standing offer notice ID number is SON3713272.

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Get in touch

If you have any questions you can send an email to or call ​​02 6120 8705.