Demand is rising for government workers with digital expertise. We’re helping individuals make sure they are ready to respond to this demand.

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What we’re doing and why

Skilled staff are crucial to delivering effective digital services. But technology is always advancing – and so are the capabilities needed to transform services.

To make sure we meet user needs and exceed user expectations, we need to:

  • attract, retain and develop staff with specialist digital skills
  • improve the digital literacy of senior leaders
  • make sure staff have access to the tools and resources they need to deliver digital services.

Below you can explore what is currently available for APS staff, as well as those looking to start a digital career in the APS.

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Join the Digital Profession

Currently in early Beta stage, the Digital Profession will become the standard of excellence for APS digital professionals, with opportunities for learning and career development. It will equip people to make deliberate and informed decisions about their digital careers. It will help build a shared understanding across the APS of what good digital practice looks like.

If you want to grow and advance your digital career, the Digital Profession is the way to do that. Help us shape the future of the Digital Profession by becoming a foundation member.

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Explore your Career Pathway

The Digital Career Pathways program is transforming the way we see digital careers across the APS, making career options in government more flexible than ever.

As an APS employee you can get a clearer view of where you are in your career, and how to navigate your career potential.

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Apply for entry-level digital programs

We provide entry-level programs across the Australian Public Service for people starting their digital or technical careers.

The programs provide apprentice, cadet and graduate roles in government agencies.

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Find coaching and mentoring opportunities for women

The women in digital programs are for women working in digital roles across government. The programs aim to help women develop leadership skills, increase their numbers in leadership roles and reduce barriers to career progression.

The new Coaching for Women in Digital program for EL1s is currently seeking expressions of interest, which close on 23 Oct 2020.

The Women in IT Executive Mentoring (WITEM) program works with EL2 women in digital roles to provide them with SES mentors to help them develop their career. Applications for the next program will open in the next 6 months.

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Find out about workshops, meet-ups and events

We run regular workshops and meet-ups at our Canberra and Sydney offices for people working in government. We do this to help agencies develop internal skills to improve government services.

We also host guest speakers and hold pop-up events in areas such as user research, service design, interaction design, content design and so on.

Follow the DTA Eventbrite page to stay informed about our events.

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Connect with others in my discipline

We host communities of practice that bring together people working in government to share ideas, show their work, solve problems and explore best practice.

Current communities cover a range of disciplines including content, research and design, cloud, open data and more. These communities are open to all to join.

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