co-Lab innovation hub

co-Lab is an innovation hub at the DTA’s Sydney office designed to accelerate cross-agency collaboration.

The co-Lab team partners with government teams to design and deliver better digital services.

The co-Lab team is made up of digital specialists in:

  • accessibility
  • agile delivery
  • content design and strategy
  • product management
  • service design
  • user research

co-Lab provides a space for teams to come together to work on products, learn about how to apply the Digital Service Standard and Service Design and Delivery Process, and accelerate innovation and change through immersive experiences. 

Experiencing co-Lab

co-Lab offers different collaborative experiences for agency teams to suit their needs.

Meet, share and learn events: short-term or single day experiences with co-Lab, such as building and hosting communities of practice or stakeholder consultations

Experiments: opportunities for teams to conduct hands-on test or proof-of-concept of digital services or ideas over the period of a few weeks

Residency programs: longer-term experiences where teams can immerse themselves to solve problems or explore service design thinking in a supportive environment over a few months.

Sessions are co-designed by the DTA and agency teams wanting to work together on mutually strategic service transformation and shared outcomes. 

You can apply to use this space by emailing

Canberra co-Lab will open late 2018.

Upcoming events

co-Lab will run a series of workshops on accelerating digital transformation through collaboration, culture and purpose over the month of September 2018. Facilitated by digital innovator and co-Lab ‘thinker in residence’, Peter Bradd, the workshops are free but you’ll need to register.

Check Eventbrite to book your space and see what else is on.

Get in touch

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