Three examples of what is possible

By 2025, Australia will be one of the top 3 digital governments in the world for the benefit of all Australians.

Our services will be simple, consistent and easy to access when and where you need them. Most importantly, they will be focused around your needs, not government structures.

Being digital means changing what and how we do things for you.

Here are just 3 examples of what is possible. Today, we ask you to deal with multiple government agencies and even different layers of government. We ask you to navigate different requirements, multiple forms and often ask for the same information multiple times.

Seamless services at life's events

Decorative illustration representing common life event stages: being born, attending school, graduating from university, forming a relationship,having a baby, growing old and the death of  a loved one

Some of the key life events include birth, starting school, starting higher education or training, transitioning to work, marriage, having a family, retiring, caring for someone, and the death of a loved one.

We are rethinking and improving the way we support you during these key life events.

You will have the choice to personalise services and share information across relevant services. This will provide a seamless experience that pre-fills and submits your forms when you request it, pre-assesses your eligibility and makes automatic payments.

Personalised government services

Personalised government services will not only be more convenient but also help those in greater need of support. Packages for participants in the National Disability Insurance Scheme and trials underway at the Department of Social Services will support eligible people with tailored individual services.

A personalised service option will be available to other groups of people, from those caring for children to those with loved ones in aged care.

Better partnerships

We will become better at partnering with your community and organisations to enable better service outcomes. We will use technology-enabled platforms to simplify our engagement and enable you to focus on delivering the results you are passionate about.

We will extend a similar approach to businesses in their dealings with government. We will simplify the complex web of rules, regulations and reporting across multiple agencies and layers of government. This will enable small and medium-sized enterprises to flourish across Australia, including in regional and rural areas.

Our strategy

Our strategy represents a bold vision for how government needs to work for you into the future. Realising this vision will leave a strong and enduring foundation that all Australians will benefit from.

With a more digitally capable society, Australia will be better positioned for economic and social prosperity despite increasing levels of global uncertainty and volatility.

Australians will be proud of the security, prosperity and opportunities that their country provides. Having taken their place on the world stage, they will be ready for the future, no matter what it holds.