Objective 12 — Develop sustainable platforms that we can share across government

Objective status
In progress

We are developing sustainable platforms and capabilities across government, such as Digital Identity and cloud.gov.au, to become a government that is fit for the digital age. We are continuously building new platforms like Notify, which allows us to send timely messages to you quickly. These platforms and capabilities increase the ability of government agency systems to work together, to create better value for money and to make it easier for you to use.

400+ applications

There are over 400 applications running on cloud.gov.au, with more than 150 applications used daily to provide you with the services you rely on.

$130,000 saved

Each publisher on data.gov.au saves an estimated $130,000 each year in infrastructure, licensing and staffing costs.

113 service teams

There are 113 service teams from 49 agencies across all 3 levels of government using Notify, in both trial and live mode.

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Ourplatforms and capabilities increase the ability of government agency systems to work together.

Case studies

Whole-of-Government Digital Service Platforms Strategy

The Whole-of-Government Digital Service Platforms Strategy provides the guiding principles for common platforms that can be shared across government. It provides a high-level operating model for agencies to use when developing and operating digital services, especially where they can be reused across government.

There are many common services which are replicated across government — things like making payments, updating contact details, proving identity and receiving notifications from a government agency. Common digital platforms provide reusable building blocks to deliver these common services in a way that is quick and easy to adopt, removing the need for agencies to design, build and test these capabilities themselves.

Sharing platforms and capabilities increases the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery by allowing us to link services across agencies, remove duplicated effort across government and to shift to faster and better digital delivery channels.

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Notify is a whole of government platform that allows service teams within government to easily communicate with their users via email or text. It’s quick, easy to use and cost effective. It helps us to keep you informed of your interactions with government.

Government service teams can sign up and begin sending structured email and text messages to their users within minutes. Over 100 government services already use Notify.gov.au in both trial and live modes, across local, state and federal government.

Notify is helping agencies achieve significant efficiencies. For example, the My Aged Care service was manually sending out around 30,000 emails each month, to 250 recipients at a time. Notify now allows them to send all these emails at once. Previously, this process would have taken several days. It now takes less than half an hour. This allows staff to spend more time focusing on providing you with the best service possible.

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