Objective 10 — Adopt better ways of working that bring people together quickly and efficiently and reduce risk

Objective status
In progress

Digital transformation means more than just new technology. It means we improve our traditional ways of working. We are taking steps to work more effectively across all levels of government. Rather than building a big project and waiting for it to be perfect, we work in an agile way. This means we deliver bit by bit and make incremental improvements along the way. At times we may move in a different direction so we can better meet your evolving needs. We may take more time to build a service, to ensure it does what it needs to and meets your expectations. The outcome for you is simpler, clearer and faster services, from a government who is committed to getting it right.

1,374 members

As at October 2019, there were over 1,374 members of seven Digital Transformation Communities which enable practitioners to connect, share and learn about improving service delivery.

35,000 members of GovTeams

There are more than 35,000 Members of 4,352 Communities on GovTEAMS, a government platform for collaboration, and over 1 million files have been shared, as at November 2019.

A large audience watches the fireside chat at the Digital Summit 2019.

The outcome for you is simpler, clearer and faster services, from a government who is committed to getting it right.

Case studies


GovTEAMS is revolutionising the way government collaborates and communicates. GovTEAMS brings people together quickly and efficiently in a cost-effective way. Since its introduction in January 2019, GovTEAMS has increased productivity and cooperation across government and industry partners by providing the tools to work across organisational boundaries. GovTEAMS has more than 30,000 registered public sector users, 6,200 external industry partners from 4,352 communities working together with video, audio and instant messaging.

GovTEAMS video-conferencing features have proven to be effective and efficient in bringing people together from across geographical boundaries as demonstrated in the recent successful Malaysia-Australia Economic Workshop that brought participants together from locations across the world.

GovTEAMS can currently be used to share unclassified information. The next step is a Protected GovTEAMS trial starting in December 2019 in which participants from across government and industry will work together using protected information in a secure mobile environment.

Department of Finance

Mental health support in one place

People no longer need to go to multiple sources to find the digital mental health supports they need. Head to Health provides links to trusted Australian online and phone support, information and treatment options, in one place. A virtual assistant called Sam and an intuitive search functionality, guides users through the professionally curated resources. It’s a great example of how we’re working with the community, people with lived experience and the mental health sector to better connect people to digital services most suited to their needs.

Department of Health, Head to Health Core Community Group, Liquid Interactive and Speedwell

Embracing new technologies to transform e-invoicing arrangements

The Australian and New Zealand Governments are collaborating to deliver a better way for business and government to work together through e-invoicing. E-invoices save businesses and government time and money, removing the need for organisations to manually create, send and enter invoices. The Australian Government has committed to pay e-invoices within 5 days for contracts valued up to $1 million, where a supplier and a Commonwealth agency both use the internationally established framework for delivering and receiving invoices in an electronic form, Peppol.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO), as the Australian Peppol Authority is working with agencies to develop a Commonwealth government adoption plan. To assist with the broader rollout of these reforms, the Australian Data and Digital Council (ADDC) is developing a plan for state and territory government agencies to adopt e-invoicing with input from the ATO.

Australian Taxation Office