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Objective 9 – Equip our people and Australian businesses with the skills necessary to deliver world-leading digital services

Objective status
In progress

We are focussing on the cultural and digital capability changes that government needs to deliver the services of the future.

100 + speakers at the 2020 Digital Summit

Over 100 speakers, 21 case studies, and 18 workshop submissions were received for inclusion into the 2020 Online Digital Summit.

946 Digital Profession foundation members

946 foundation members have signed up to the Digital Profession Stream, helping shape the profession since its launch on 30 April 2020.

770 individuals attended digital sourcing events

625 Federal, State and Territory Government staff and 145 people from industry attended Digital Sourcing Network events, joined the mailing list or participated in the common interest groups and working groups to improve sourcing practices since April 2019.

Case studies

Capability Accelerator Program


Develop a digital staffing capability model to understand and assess capability gaps.


  • identifies and addresses critical capability gaps across government
  • provides an effective, measurable and scalable approach to capability uplift
  • promotes a culture of supported learning and sustainable change.


A Capability Accelerator Program (CAP) pilot was co-designed by the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) and the Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE). It utilises an internationally recognised capability model to understand and assess capability gaps in digital talent. The program combines coaching and change architecture to deliver lasting capability development.

CAP began by analysing the agency workforce plan to determine the most critical capability gaps. It defined the capability needed and developed a series of Key Performance Indicators with associated skills, knowledge, experience and learning resources.

After identifying the capability gaps, learners were matched with Subject Matter Experts for coaching. The Experts were also coached through CAP to develop their own coaching skills. By the end of the first 2 cycles of the program, one of the 8 learners had graduated to be skilled in the new automated tester role, with 2 more nearing graduation. The 8 learners combined were creating as many automated tests as the established testers, effectively doubling DESE’s footprint in this burgeoning skillset.

The cycles continue until everyone graduates. More learners can be introduced at the beginning of each cycle to replace graduates, and graduates can support new learners through peer coaching. The CAP allows continuous capability growth and can easily be extended to other areas of critical capability need.

Department of Education, Skills and Employment

Australian Public Service (APS) Digital Professional Stream


The Australian Government committed to the development of an Australian Public Service (APS) Digital Professional Stream to build the capability, skills, expertise and development of APS staff to meet current and emerging needs.


  • provide capability, through a mobile digital workforce, to surge around high priorities, with tight deadlines and limited budgets
  • maximise technology to operate with the highest efficiency and provide the best delivery of services possible
  • reduce costs associated with outsourcing expertise.


To thrive in the digital era, the APS must evolve to realise the benefits of digital technologies. It will need:

  • a digitally savvy workforce to deliver on the government’s digital transformation agenda
  • to reduce the reliance on third parties and grow its internal knowledge and capabilities.

The Digital Professional Stream will support individuals to have valuable and rewarding digital careers in the public service and will support agencies to develop their digital workforce.

The focus is on establishing common standards, productive pathways and the growth of professional communities. The program will provide the APS with the flexibility and mobility of a digital workforce that can surge around government priorities across agencies. 

The Digital Professional Stream also delivers ongoing capability uplift, through activities such as the digital graduate, apprentice and cadet programs, the women in digital programs, and the placement of a Digital Professional Stream delegate on all recruitment panels for digital and ICT focussed SES roles. While utilising an internal consulting model, Digital Squads allows for quick support and deployment of digital experts to agencies with digital priorities.

Digital Transformation Agency