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Objective 5 – Services will be smart and adapt to the data you choose to share

Objective status
In progress

We will do more to improve your experience when dealing with government. Data is important in achieving this goal. We already collect data as part of our work delivering services to you. We use this information in aggregate to help us develop policies and services. However, if services are to become truly ‘smart’, tailored and personalised, we need to know about your individual needs and incorporate that information in delivering services to you. We will always do this by protecting your privacy and in the most secure way possible. We will earn your trust and ensure your needs are front of mind through implementation of the Australian Data and Digital Council’s principles and commitments

Case studies

Cruise Ship Tracker


Develop a single source of truth that assisted the tracking of Australians on cruise ships through the collection of passenger and vessels data and provision of up-to-date reporting.


  • real-time analysis and reporting enabling very quick turnarounds in tracking Australians at risk
  • efficiencies gained through a reduction in the manual workload of tracking and collating information from many sources
  • improved accuracy in analysis and reporting.


At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade needed to track Australians on cruise ships to assist with disease containment. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade planning and collaboration across business and technology areas resulted in a fit for purpose app, ‘COVID-19 Cruise Ship Tracker’, that was ready for use by the department within 3 days.

The solution enabled a single source of truth that collected data and provided up to date reporting on the number of:

  • passengers (Australian, New Zealanders and Canadians) and crew on board cruise ships overseas
  • vessels, current location and expected port and date for disembarkation.

Data entered into the app was available in real-time as the solution enabled the entry of data at any time, from any device or location. This significantly reduced the manual workload of tracking and collating information from many sources.

The success of the solution was due to the collaboration to gather requirements and identify what was needed to meet the immediate need to implement a ‘good enough’ solution. After the first release of the solution, collaboration continued to refine and improve the solution. The result was that the department was able to provide accurate dynamic reporting for officials, media and Ministers 24/7.

The ability to deliver a solution quickly was due to the department’s prior investment in a rapid app development capability.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)