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Objective 3 – You will be able to choose a secure and easy-to-use digital identity to access all digital government services

Objective status
In progress

We understand the challenge of individuals having to repeatedly prove who they are when interacting with government and private sector services online and that this can lead to significant frustration.

People are using the Australian Government’s digital identity service to securely prove their identity and access government services digitally.

3.3 million + Digital Identities

Over 3.3 million Australians and 1.3 million businesses are using digital identity to access over 77 federal, state and territory government services. Figures accurate as of 19 July 2021.

Case studies

Enterprise Biometric Identification Service (EBIS)


To incorporate multi-modal biometric identity management and authentication solution for international travellers entering Australia. EBIS will utilise facial and fingerprint recognition algorithms in visa and border management.


  • improves services and waiting times for international travellers through automated identity checking
  • increases the ability to identify travellers of concern.


The requirement for the use of biometrics in visa and border management requires a state-of-the-art biometric system. EBIS is a multi-modal biometric identity management and authentication solution – using facial and fingerprint recognition, which provides a biometrically anchored person-centric identity. It is also a much faster technology than the previous biometric solution and is scalable to support over 10 million visa applicants and 50 million border crossings every year.

This provides opportunities to automate the facilitation of millions of travelers arriving or departing Australia, while simultaneously delivering greater capability to focus on travelers of concern, both at the visa application stage and the border crossing.

Anchoring a client’s identity with biometrics, at their first interaction, provides robust management of their identity, allowing biometric verification at future interactions. This will provide the client with future streamlined and efficient services, building on their identity history from light touch temporary visa application, all the way to permanent residency Visa or Citizenship, with the highest levels of identity assurance.

EBIS provides the biometric capability for the Department’s Identity Management Services (IMS) – a capability that provides the biographic services and integration with business systems.  The IMS, supported by EBIS, provides a consolidated and centralised identity capability using combined sophisticated biometric and biographic capabilities.

Department of Home Affairs

Digital Identity


Digital Identity is being expanded to make accessing government services online simpler, safer and more secure.


  • use Digital Identity on the go, at any time of day
  • save weeks of time and effort when accessing online services
  • setup a Digital Identity only once
  • be confident that information provided is safe and secure.


Digital Identity makes it easier and safer for Australians to do business online. Digital Identity is the digital equivalent of a 100-point ID check and allows Australians to prove who they are online simply and securely.

Digital Identity is already improving government service delivery. More than 3.3 million Australians and 1.3 million businesses are using Digital Identity to access more than 77 government services.

As Digital Identity is expanded, people will be able to complete more interactions online - like applying for a Tax File Number, registering for a new business, claiming assistance from a natural disaster and much more - in minutes rather than weeks.

As part of the Digital Business Package, the Government will expand Digital Identity to make it available as a whole of economy solution. This will allow people to use Digital Identity to access state and territory services as well as private sector services.

Digital Transformation Agency

Unique Student Identifier (USI) Digital Identity initiative


Provides students with additional choice in how they verify their identity online with the use of a Digital Identity to create a USI or log into their existing USI account.


  • reuse of an existing Digital Identity provides a streamlined and efficient way for students to create USIs
  • provides students with a secure and easy USI account access solution.


The Student Identifiers Registrar is a Commonwealth statutory officer responsible for administering the USI initiative nationally. All students completing tertiary education must hold a USI.  With over 11 million USIs created to-date, the aim is to continually advance the service to ensure students have improved online services.

The USI public beta trial began in June 2020, with 3,067 USIs created using a myGovID.

Going forward, USI will continue to enhance the initiative based on customer feedback and will look at integrating emerging Digital Identity authentication solutions to improve the service and increase student choice.

Student Identifiers Registrar