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Objective 13 – Deliver value for people and businesses by managing costs and risks

Objective status
In progress

We understand that Government always needs up-to-date digital capability and the products and services to support it. One way we are doing this is through digital sourcing panels. These are now simpler, clearer and faster than ever before. They make it easier for sellers, including small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and Indigenous enterprises, to work with government. As we improve the way we buy ICT capabilities, our service delivery improves, we manage costs and risks better, and we achieve greater value for money. We recognise the value of partnerships and engagement between industry and government to design improved ICT sourcing policies. The creation of a Platforms Marketplace will provide guided procurement pathways and digital sourcing advice to deliver platforms that are scalable, reusable and better value for money.

1,800+ new sellers on the Marketplaces

The number of companies selling hardware, software and services to government agencies through the panels increased significantly over the past financial year, with more than 2,500 sellers now onboarded through the Digital Marketplace, Hardware Marketplace, Software Marketplace and Cloud Services panels.

Case studies

Digital Tendering Platform (DTP)


Trial a Digital Tendering Platform (DTP) to explore how digital approaches to the market could work.


  • provides potential tenderers the capability to securely access the DTP from anywhere to collate and submit their responses online
  • reduces submission errors, contradictions and duplication
  • improves processing and evaluation times.


During financial year 2019-20, the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) trialled a ‘public beta’ version of its Digital Tendering Platform (DTP) for its approach to market to establish a new Cloud Marketplace (sourcing arrangement). The DTP solution was designed and developed by the DTA in collaboration with industry partners and hosted securely on government infrastructure. The solution worked with AusTender (the Australian Government procurement information system), allowing potential tenderers to securely access the DTP from anywhere to collate and submit their responses online as structured data. 

The use of the DTP has enabled error checking and data validation at the time of data entry to minimise errors/omissions, and is expected to improve data processing and evaluation times. Early indications are that this beta trial has proven the viability and benefits of moving to an online based digital tendering solution for future DTA approaches to market. The DTA will conduct a full review of this trial, document the findings and review lessons following completion of the Cloud Marketplace procurement process in order to provide recommendations for next steps.

Digital Transformation Agency

Agency Data Capture project


The project delivered a collection of new web services for reporting fishing logbooks and the exchange of location data to other government agencies and the public.


  • supports greater levels of business intelligence
  • validation and integration of collected data for enhanced data quality and decision making
  • easier for vendors to integrate with AFMA
  • expansion of digital service offered to the fishing industry.


On 26 June 2020, the Agency Data Capture project was completed. The project exposed a collection of new web services for reporting fishing logbooks and the exchange of location data to other government agencies and the public. As AFMA’s decisions rely on the data it captures, integrates, and interprets, further digitisation of data capture helps to ensure the quality, accuracy, and consistency of this data.

From a client perspective, this project delivered external software a standards-based development experience using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Vendors have been able to bring more recent versions of their product to the Australian market, offering an improved User Interface and User Experience for users (the fishing industry). The project has also delivered APIs to enable the sharing of a live feed of Vessel Monitoring Systems data to the Department of Home Affairs.

This new platform has also provided AFMA the capability to allow the digital reporting of catch disposal records, the process where boats unload fish to processors and retailers. AFMA is currently working with the fishing industry to trial this functionality.

Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA)

Medical Interns


Medical interns are equipped to provide Medicare services sooner.


Medical interns can obtain Medicare provider numbers faster and start providing Medicare services sooner.


Health Delivery Modernisation is an 8-year program to stabilise, simplify, consolidate and progressively modernise the government’s health payments system.

As an early achievement of the program, medical interns can now obtain a Medicare provider number seamlessly following the development of an automated data feed between the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and Services Australia. This means that they receive their Medicare provider number faster. This reduces registration times from up to 6 weeks to just 1-2 days and reduces manual processing work for Services Australia staff.

By improving digital services for health professionals, Services Australia has made it simpler and quicker for health professionals to interact with government and get on with providing quality health care to their patients.

Services Australia