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Objective 10 – Adopt better ways of working that bring people together quickly and efficiently and reduce risk

Objective status
In progress

Digital transformation means more than just new technology. It means we improve our traditional ways of working. We are taking steps to work more effectively across all levels of government. Rather than building a big project and waiting for it to be perfect, we work in an agile way. This means we deliver iterative milestones and make incremental improvements along the way. At times we may move in a different direction so we can better meet your evolving needs. We may take more time to build a service, to ensure it does what it needs to and meets your expectations. The outcome for you is simpler, clearer and faster services, from a government who is committed to getting it right.

40,000+ digital conference calls

APS staff now typically conduct over 40,000 video and audio conference calls per month in GovTEAMS.

20% increased productivity

Almost 20% of ABS managers reported staff productivity had increased since new working arrangements addressing COVID-19 were put in place.

Case studies

Digital delivery of files stored off-site


To support Tribunal members and staff working out of office through the provision of digitised copies of the physical case files stored offsite.


  • resourcing and costing efficiencies gained from reduced effort in storing, collecting and locating files
  • tribunal members get faster access to retrieved files in digital format.


The Administrative Appeals Tribunal has some 300 members across Australia who conduct independent merits review of decisions of Australian Government agencies. These members are supported by 900 staff. Most members and staff are now working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the Tribunal have had to institute rapidly evolving digital solutions to continue work remotely.

The team looks after physical and electronic records, in addition to other electronic information services. We have some 3 kilometres of physical records stored at our offsite storage contractor. These records are often required to support active cases in the Tribunal.

The benefits of this solution are that no staff need to be onsite to receive physical files. There are no deliveries of physical records from the offsite storage contractor and the Tribunal members get faster access to retrieved files in a digital format. This reduces the traffic of people to and from our offices.

The service is available in all District Registries in each state and the ACT. Digital will be the now be the default delivery format for all files requested from offsite storage.

Administrative Appeals Tribunal

Venture Capital Reporting and Analytics (VeRA)


Develop an online system which gives the Venture Capital team secure access to self-service reports for all venture capital programs in one place and automates program processes and administration.


  • cost and resource efficiencies gained through automated and improved program administration processes
  • operational features have improved service delivery for clients
  • provision of reliable, accurate and trusted data.


The Venture Capital team used a bottom up innovation methodology to develop their Business Intelligence reporting system called Venture Capital Reporting and Analytics (VeRA). VeRA is an online system which gives the team access to self-service reports for all programs in one place. It is also an operational system which automates program integrity, insights, and committee administration.

VeRA allowed for the digitisation and modernisation of the team’s processes. It facilitated a move from processes reliant on spreadsheets to manage data, to online forms which are automatically loaded to a Structured Query Language (SQL) database. Vera uses Microsoft’s Power BI as a front end, which all members of the team can access securely via a browser. Implementation has been widely accepted and realised the following benefits:

  • VeRA has automated and improved program administration processes
  • operational features of VeRA have improved service delivery for clients.

VeRA has over 20 years of data on venture capital investment and has recently been used internally to assess COVID-19 impacts on venture capital programs and to inform policy proposals and Government action plans for economic recovery.

Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (DISER)

Defence Enterprise Resource Planning


Deliver a transformational program that modernises and integrates critical functions across logistics, engineering, maintenance, finance, human resources and estate management.


  • reduction in the complexity and cost of legacy systems, infrastructure and maintenance
  • consistency in processes will lead to efficiencies in effort and timeliness
  • increased data accuracy through automation.


Defence is delivering a transformational program to modernise and integrate critical functions across logistics, engineering, maintenance, finance, human resources and estate management.

The Defence Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Program achieved its first major milestone in July 2020. A new solution went live, providing fully aligned finance, enterprise and organisational structures within a single system and setting the foundation pillars for future ERP releases. This release delivered a new financial reporting suite lifting financial reporting efficiency through automation. A reduction in manual intervention in report creation (and automation more broadly) will provide Defence cost account managers with more trustworthy financial information. This enables better decision making, support auditability and business analysis, and reduces duplication of effort. A new chart of accounts will support the Defence financial reform agenda.

When fully implemented, the ERP will support enhanced whole-of-Defence planning, analysis and decision-making across the Defence workforce. The complexity and cost of legacy systems, infrastructure and maintenance will be reduced, with consistent processes and system automation achieved through timely and accurate data.

Department of Defence