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Objective 1 – You will be able to access all government services digitally by 2025

Objective status
In progress

Our goal is to make the information and services Australians need and expect available digitally. Many services are already available online, with more on the way as we develop the required policy, technology, expertise and infrastructure. We will continue to invest in creating and developing digital platforms that meet your needs across all government services as we move towards 2025.

We are seeing an increasing number of people using digital services, as availability and access to these online government services improves. For example:

15.3 million unique visitors provided a cross-jurisdictional information platform during the COVID-19 pandemic that attracted over 15.3 million unique visitors, with 31.5% of them classified as returning visitors.

99% digital transactions

More than 99% of IP Australia customer transactions are completed digitally, establishing it as truly a digital service delivery agency.

Case studies

A completely digital service delivery agency


To establish and operate as a completely digital service delivery agency both with client interactions and business operations.


  • agility and flexibility to seamlessly transition operations to remote and mobile environments
  • capacity to deliver uninterrupted services.


While the COVID-19 environment in the first half of 2020 presented challenges for Australian businesses, it also reinforced the Government’s decision to move towards digital solutions.

IP Australia is set to become the first completely digital service delivery agency in the Australian Government, with more than 99% of customer transactions now being conducted digitally. Having made this investment in its digital services, IP Australia were well positioned to continue to meet their customers’ needs during this challenging period.

This was further enabled by IP Australia’s commitment to a flexible way of working. The shift to working from home was seamless, well managed by all staff, and most importantly the services continued uninterrupted for IP Australia customers.

IP Australia refresh


Transition the website from a portal for government websites to a whole-of-government, cross-jurisdictional information platform.


  • improved discoverability and, importantly, comprehension of government information
  • timely “in the moment” communication of government information
  • provision of a trusted site to deliver information that meets user expectations.


The website at the start of March 2020 functioned as a portal to many government websites. This version was essentially a static site, listing government agencies and their functions.

Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Government needed an agile platform that provided Australians with a single source for up to date information about case numbers, lockdown restrictions, testing availability and support services available. A refreshed was the way to achieve this.

The DTA delivered this refresh in just 24 hours – and continued to iterate this digital capability to meet the needs of Australians for reliable, trusted government information. 

A cross-agency governance forum was established for Commonwealth, State and Territory governments and associated public services to quickly manage features, content and risk. This allowed Government to successfully deliver and iterate the platform – while at the same time ensuring Australians received the time critical messages they needed from Government and National Cabinet ‘in real-time’.

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