Digital Transformation Strategy

Welcome to the Digital Transformation Strategy and Dashboard. We released the Strategy in November 2018, with a Roadmap of initiatives to improve government services.

Our vision is based on the 3 strategic priorities of a government that’s:

Our vision, and these three priorities, are detailed through 13 objectives.

We made a public commitment to demonstrate our progress over the first year to deliver digital government in line with the Strategy. The Dashboard below is an overview of that progress. We’ve provided a description of each objective, with measurements and case studies to help you understand what we’re doing. Each objective highlights leading digital projects across government.

We will review the Dashboard annually. It will keep us on track to deliver world-leading government services for the benefit of all Australians by 2025.

Committed to reforming service delivery

We’ve published an overview of our progress (PDF, 2.5MB), including case studies and more information on how we’re working toward 2025. 

We also have a video describing how we’re reforming service delivery.

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Digital Transformation Strategy Dashboard

Government that's easy to deal with

To make government easy to deal with, you need simple and intuitive services that support your needs and life events, while eliminating the need to deal with multiple agencies or layers of government.

Government that's informed by you

We will use data analysis to make sure our services meet your needs, to understand better what people and business expect from the government and to improve future services. In doing this, we will ensure that you retain control over your information.

Government that's fit for the digital age

Australians expect government to be easy to deal with and to provide smart and convenient services.