Women of the DTA

In honour of International Women’s Day this year, we’re taking the opportunity to showcase the talents of some of the incredible women working at the DTA. A few of our colleagues, whose roles range from from user researcher to product manager, share their experiences of working in digital with us.

Katherine: I have been involved in tech I guess since maybe I was like, well creating tech since I was probably about 13 when I did it as a hobby.

Meera: So my background in tech started when I was very very young, I was really interested in computers, and I guess you would call me the 90’s child who sort of was just mad about computers.

Lily: My background actually isn’t in tech, but i’ve ended up here. So I am an anthropologist.

Mariam: My background in technology started as an IT cadet with the Australian Taxation Office.

Kathleen: For the last number of years I’ve been working with tech teams building digital platforms.

Felicity: I think sometimes digital often creates a sense of a developer, somebody sitting there and writing code, and digital is so much more than that.

Meera: I’ve got a multidisciplinary team of back and front end developers, service designers, user researchers, a delivery manager, and being able to work very closely with all of them has probably been the best thing about my job.

Lily: I love that with every bit of research that I do I learn something, and I love that my job is to advocate for people.

Mariam: What I love most about what I do here at the dta is the opportunity to work with some really incredibly talented people. You know, the people that I’m surrounded with here on a day-to-day basis blow my mind.

Kathleen: It’s wonderful to see when end users have that delight in their face when the thing works for them and we’re able to show it.

Mariam: The advice I’d give to women wanting to be more involved in technology is just to get out there and do it. Technology is so much broader than what it used to be. You know it’s not just about coding.

Kathleen: Start small, build your network, ask lots of questions and get in amongst it. If you’re wondering how something works or why something happens a certain way, ask the question.

Mariam: I haven’t faced any challenges working as a woman in technology or in this product management space here at the dta. I think the culture that we have here really encourages us to bring our skills and our experience to this space and to everything that we do. What’s really valuable is that we start thinking about technology as technology. It’s not about women in technology, it’s not about what men bring versus what women bring, it’s just technology and I think that creates an equal platform for all of us to come together and contribute in this space.

While the number of women working in the digital sector is on the rise, statistics show that women represent just 28 per cent* of Australia’s ICT workforce.

We need to be bold to change that figure.

As one of Australia’s largest employers, there is a role for the Australian Public Service in encouraging women to begin a career in ICT and supporting women who are currently working in the sector.

At the DTA, we support women in ICT and digital through our working arrangements and a series of whole of government programs aimed at attracting the best and brightest young women into ICT in the public service.

Internally, we are focused on developing policies and programs that continue to support a gender inclusive workplace, including:

  • flexible working arrangements that are accessible to everyone
  • developing a supportive culture that leads by example, and
  • strengthening leadership opportunities to drive progress in our workplace.

When available, you can apply for the Australian Public Service’s ICT Graduate Program through our careers page - join our team

Is there more that we at the DTA can do? Let us know in the comments or via our social media channels.

*Australia’s Digital Pulse 2016 | Deloitte Australia | Deloitte Access Economics report