Thinking and acting digitally — the Little Book of Digital

Digital transformation means challenging traditional ways of working and thinking. Change is not easy — we must be agile, user-centred, and deliver change iteratively.

A person holding the Little Book of Digital on a tablet screen.

Digital transformation is as much about our mindset and how we work together as it is about our tools, techniques and technology. Our research shows that when we use a common language, have a shared understanding and work collaboratively with our users, our digital transformation journey is easier.

Aligning our language and methodologies

We developed the Little Book of Digital as a handbook to align our language around digital transformation and our ways of working. It describes some basic concepts and shares some ideas on the best ways to start digital transformation in your organisation.

It covers core concepts like:

  • what we mean when we say ‘digital transformation’
  • how a model of ‘products’ and ‘services’ works
  • what a multidisciplinary team is and how to create one
  • how to work using an agile methodology
  • how user-centred design creates better results for everyone
  • how to apply the Digital Service Standard

We’ve brought these topics together in one place to give everyone a more holistic view of digital transformation. More broadly, it also gives you some insight into how we work at the DTA, and how we’re helping to make government services simple, clear and fast.

This is for everyone

The Little Book of Digital is a valuable resource for everyone working or engaging with digital transformation. Most importantly, it is a way to start conversations, uncover problems, and continuously improve your delivery.

While aimed primarily at federal government agencies, the Little Book of Digital is also a great way for state, territory and local government organisations to begin their own digital transformation conversations.

If you’ve always wondered why we use the language we do, why we work in the ways we do, or why we look for specific skill sets and technologies, you can find the answers in the Little Book of Digital.

Capability is more than being able to do something

We want people to have better experiences when they use government services. An important part of that is improving the digital skills people working in government need.

Capability development is one of our strategic priorities. This isn’t just about providing training courses and teaching people the ‘hard’ skills they need in the workplace. It involves leadership, design, standards, and assurance. The Little Book gives current and future digital practitioners an understanding of how you can tune your existing skill set to the environment of digital transformation. Or, it could be discovering an interest in some aspect of digital transformation you didn’t know existed.

The Little Book helps you think differently about how you work, how you provide services and build products, and how you can deal with the never-ending changes that digital transformation brings.

Getting a copy

The Little Book of Digital is available as a PDF download (3.9MB), and you are free to share it with your networks.