New My Aged Care website gives users a whole new experience

Find out why the new My Aged Care website was a winner at the recent Australian Government Digital Awards.

The CEO of the DTA and the winner of the award stand in front of a plant wall.
Caption: Catherine Burkitt from the Department of Health, with DTA CEO Randall Brugeaud

As we continue to recognise the great work being done across government in digital transformation, we will showcase each of the Digital Awards winners over the next few weeks. You’ll see what they worked on, and what set them apart from the competition.

My Aged Care, Department of Health

The Digital Awards recently recognised the My Aged Care website team from the Department of Health for outstanding digital product or service. The website was developed with Liquid Interactive.

It’s all about the user experience

There is much to like about the new My Aged Care website. Covering a raft of improvements such as design, content, tools, speed, language and over 2000 service provider listings, older Australians and their carers can now enjoy simpler, clearer, and faster access to the information they need.

With users looking for answers to questions about services and providers, the website makes finding those answers as easy as possible. Some of those questions include:

  • Are there services to help me with (a specific problem or user need)?
  • What’s involved and is it worth applying?
  • How do I find the right provider for me?

The team worked hard to understand the user journey and identified two critical stages–starting out and choosing a provider. Decisions made by users at these stages affect their lives, so clear, easy-to-understand information was needed.

Develop, test, iterate, refine

The team were able to develop and iterate on new concepts, solutions and features, then test and refine them with users across Australia. Some of the ways the team conducted user research included:

  • conducting user testing with senior Australians and their families
  • listening to contact centre calls
  • analysing existing feedback and research
  • engaging providers and industry stakeholders
  • reviewing customer feedback through survey results and site usage

The experience of users is the best test of any product or service, and the My Aged Care website is getting a great response:

“I’m sure I would find all the information that I would need in the future, so I felt relieved.”

“It was a struggle finding care for mum, this would have made it so much easier for us.”

“These tools will save me a lot of time and energy.”

Technology, standards and protocols

The website was built and designed following protocols from the Service Design and Delivery Process and Digital Service Standard, to provide the best possible experience for users.

The team used the government standard GovCMS 8 platform and available technology to address the needs of users, demonstrating a real commitment to innovation. The ‘Find a provider’ tool is a great example of this, taking people through an easy-to-use, step-by-step process to find the best provider for them.

Content on the website is simple, clear, and in plain English. The team also used illustration techniques to connect users with the text, to create a positive and friendly user experience.

We thank all nominees for this Award. It’s great to see digital transformation taking place across federal, state, and local government.

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