Introducing our new CEO, Paul Shetler

Meet Paul Shetler…

Paul Shetler

Hi everyone – it’s fantastic to be here!

My goal is for Australia to become the country that shows the rest of the world how to deliver superb public services – across all channels – that are designed around the needs of users first and foremost.

I feel very privileged to join the team leading that charge.

I’d first like to thank and congratulate the acting CEO of the DTO, David Hazlehurst, and his brilliant team for the great work they’ve done and the excellent progress they’ve made so far.

It’s a great time to be working in public sector service redesign. A global movement is well underway: with the costs of new technologies going down, governments everywhere are focusing their efforts on service redesign to deliver the high quality experience that users deserve.

With strong digital and design skills across the public and private sectors, Australia is well-placed to take advantage of lessons learnt by other countries in the course of digitising their public services.

A bit about me: I’ve co-founded two start-ups, worked in two others and also been in leadership roles at large suppliers like Oracle, Microsoft, and the global payments network, SWIFT.

More recently I’ve been transforming the way government delivers public services, and have been loving every minute of it.

When I was at the UK’s Government Digital Service, I helped develop a suite of practical lessons from its work to transform 25 exemplar services.

Before that, I was Chief Digital Officer at the UK Ministry of Justice (where I helped deliver four of those 25 exemplar services).

From these experiences, I’ve refined an approach to eating the elephant of service transformation. I like to keep things fast and simple, by starting small with things that provide real value to users, by delivering them quickly and then by continuing to rapidly improve them. 

Paul Shetler is the CEO of the Digital Transformation Office. @paul_shetler