The Hardware Marketplace is open for business

The new Hardware Marketplace launches with its first category, Enterprise Storage. 

Update: The Request for Tender for the Hardware Marketplace's second and third categories, for Network Equipment and Cabling Services was released on the AusTender website on 8 October 2018. Thank you to those who gave us feedback.

The Hardware Marketplace replaces several expired ICT procurement panels and makes it easier for businesses to sell ICT hardware to government, and for ICT government buyers to buy from them.

The launch is another step to change the way government buys digital products and services. By removing restrictions on the number of sellers and simplifying panel tender processes, the Hardware Marketplace provides more opportunities for smaller businesses to compete for government contracts.

“The new Hardware Marketplace and its Enterprise Storage category is our first step in delivering an ‘open often’, consolidated model for hardware. It means new sellers can join regularly, and its flexibility means government can keep up with new technologies as they develop,” said Dr Anthony Vlasic, Chief Strategy Officer at the DTA. “As we add more categories, the Marketplace will become a go-to platform for both government buyers and businesses selling hardware to government.”

The initial sellers are listed on AusTender. They include original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), resellers, and service integrators. Currently, over 60% of these sellers are small to medium enterprises.

Government buyers can use the Hardware Marketplace to buy storage products and services, including:

  • direct attached storage
  • network attached storage
  • object based storage
  • storage area networks
  • backup and restore solutions
  • storage consumables and ancillaries
  • storage-related professional services (including secure ICT disposal services).

Most of these can be bought outright, as a ‘capability as a service’ solution, or as a managed service providing support, maintenance and other services. 

Thank you to the buyers and sellers who provided feedback throughout the Hardware Marketplace’s development process. For more information, contact us at