The future of digital career pathways in the APS

We’re working on a career pathways tool to make it easier for people to find out what they need to know to be ready for a digital job or career in the Australian Public Service (APS).

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‘Digital jobs’ are roles involved with the design, creation and delivery of government services through digital channels. People in these roles make and support the online systems or apps you may use to interact with government now and in the future.

Whether it’s lodging your tax return or claiming a childcare rebate, most government services are, or soon will be, delivered through digital channels. Your computer, mobile phone or a kiosk at the local library are all examples of this.

How do you know what you need to know?

To find out what you need to know to get a digital job, you need to know 2 things first:

  1. What capabilities do you have?
  2. What capabilities do you need?

Neither of these are easy to answer — there are many ways to describe the skills and knowledge needed for digital roles.

To make it easier, we are working to create a common language that everyone can understand, to describe the capabilities of people and roles. For example, we describe skills using globally recognised skill frameworks such as the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA). Using this and other frameworks, we’ve defined around 150 digital roles and published them on

What skills you have and where your skills could take you

Knowing your skills and capabilities allows you to find roles you are already suitable for, including some you may not know about. It will also help you to see what skills you might need to develop for other roles that interest you.

Career path options

Once we’ve developed the career pathways tool, you can use it to prepare for future roles. Whether you’re thinking of a career change, or have a certain role in mind, you will have a way to find out what is involved, how much you need to learn, and how long might it take.

Creating a career plan

The tool will be the first step in creating a plan to get the skills you need. Then you can identify the learning resources to help you develop those skills.

We want to provide you with a direct connection between the skills you are interested in developing and the learning resources that may help. This could include training courses, secondment opportunities, mentoring, communities of practice, knowledge bases and much more.

Getting the job you want and shaping your career

Being ready for the job you want and getting it are quite different. There may be opportunities which are a great match for your skills, but how do you find out about them?

Imagine if you could register your skills so that APS agencies looking for skills like yours can send you an invitation to apply. This could work for all recruitment, but it could also work well for secondments and short-term opportunities. These might help you build the experience you need to get that job you really want.

When will this tool be available?

We are currently in the Alpha stage of development. If you would like to find out more about this exciting new tool, please send an email to

Partner with the DTA

Interested potential partners who would like to contribute their ideas about how this could best work, can get involved through the Digital Marketplace.