Early Marketplace adoption pays off

Local councils are starting to take advantage of the speed and ease of procurement that the Digital Marketplace brings. The City of Casey in Victoria published its first brief just eight days after our Beta release — an individual specialist opportunity for a developer experienced in Gravity forms.

In this interview, the Manager of Digital for City of Casey, Chris O’Connor, explains how happy he was to find the experience simple, clear and fast — even in its earliest Beta stage.

The Digital Marketplace has been created so buyers from all levels of government can access digital expertise quickly and easily.

Currently there are 304 registered government buyers from 92 different agencies, including the Australian Tax Office, the ABC and the Department of Defence, Science and Technology (DST Group), to name just a few.

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Caption: Interview with Chris O’Connor the Manager of Digital, City of Casey - one of the first buyers in the Digital Marketplace.

On screen: Digital Marketplace Interview with Chris O’Connor, City of Casey

On screen: How did you discover the Digital Marketplace?

Chris: We’ve been following the work that the Digital Transformation Agency have been doing for quite some time. Trying to align our work to the way they’ve been working. So, hooking into the Twitter feeds, hooking into the blogs, that’s where we came up against it. I think we just came across it by chance in the first week it was launched and thought, this is kinda cool. And the timing was perfect for us because we were about to go to market and I didn’t want to go through the same procurement process that we’d been through in the past.

On screen: What was it like to write your first brief?

I think the brief in the Marketplace took about 20 to 25 minutes. So I was pretty happy when I got to the end and thought “Is that it? There must be more…” but no, that was it, it was pretty good.

On screen: Were you happy with the specialist you engaged?

Chris: So the developer we found on the Digital Marketplace was excellent. They’ve just finished their time working with us. They were here for a couple of weeks. We’re keen to get someone of that calibre in again because they really helped us lift the work that we were doing. Well we’re a fairly new team and we’ve got a fairly junior developer, I’m sure he won’t mind me saying that, so to bring in that expertise at the push of a button was just fantastic, to be able to help us lift the quality of our product.

On screen: What did you like most about the Marketplace?

Chris: The benefit for us was, even if we do have to bring in our own procurement policy I’d prefer not to but we had to at the time, it still gave us access to the vendors in one single spot where we could just go and see well here’s all the players. The menu and search function was really easy, the filtering was brilliant and I felt like it was designed for people working in the digital space.

On screen: Anything else you would like to share about your experience?

Chris: The simplicity of the language was a real strong point for my experience of the Marketplace - not having the RFQs, the ROIs and the tenders. I’m just someone who needs a solution to my problem, and anyone who can help me connect with people who provide that solution I’m really happy with, and if it’s in plain English, all the better.

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Steven Berends is the Digital Marketplace content designer.