David Hazlehurst to depart the DTO

Six months ago I stepped into the role of Interim CEO of the DTO with just a handful of people and big plans to transform government service delivery. Despite the ‘interim’ status, it felt like the starting gun had gone off.

Today we’re a team of just over 100 and we’ve made some excellent progress. While there’s still a marathon ahead, I feel very proud to have been part of the opening sprint.

So it is with mixed emotions that l’ll be leaving the DTO.

From next month, I will be taking up a position as Deputy Secretary of the Programme Delivery Group (including AusIndustry) at the Department of Industry and Science.

I’ve been lucky to land a role with a great team and an exciting agenda interwoven with the work of the DTO. I aim to share my knowledge of the DTO and encourage more people to design services that deliver high quality user experiences.

The pace of the wider Digital Transformation Agenda, the formal establishment of the DTO, and Paul’s much-anticipated arrival, have all heralded an exciting new time for the organisation. Paul and I are having great fun spending time together as l hand over the reins.

We’re already conspiring on how we’ll partner to deliver great services for business.

He and the team will achieve great things.

David Hazlehurst

David Hazlehurst