Collaborating to uplift government digital capability

Our Business Research and Innovation Initiative challenge is underway with the successful grantee, Next Paradigm.

A group of people stand in front of a kanban board.
Caption: The Next Paradigm team working through their user research findings.

The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science’s Business Research and Innovation Initiative (BRII) is providing us with an opportunity to collaborate on our commitments. We are committed to improving government digital services, uplifting digital capability across the Australian Public Service (APS), and providing more opportunities for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

BRII provides SMEs with funding to develop innovative solutions for government policy and service delivery challenges.

This year, we are 1 of 5 challenge agencies. Our challenge invites effective and innovative ways to uplift government capability to help deliver world-leading digital services. We are delighted to have selected Next Paradigm, an Australian SME, for its Digital Capability Hub proposal.

We aim to continue celebrating these successes as we shift our focus from challenge selection to supporting Next Paradigm through its feasibility study.

Our commitment

Part of our Digital Transformation Strategy is to prioritise building a government fit for the digital age. To support this priority, we are committed to developing the digital capability of government, so we can continue improving the delivery of digital services.

Our BRII Challenge is about just that—assisting the Australian Government with its digital capability uplift. We hope to see the development of an innovative learning platform solution to support APS employees in progressing digital transformation. This platform will facilitate and support this by improving learning experiences for APS employees.

After our selection as a challenge agency, and promoting our challenge at roadshows around Australia, we were delighted to have more than 20 applications from interested small-to-medium enterprises. The proposals were diverse, interesting, and full of innovative ideas. Next Paradigm was awarded the $100,000 grant to start their feasibility study after a thorough assessment process, involving Innovation and Science Australia and us. We based the assessments on 3 criteria:

  • the extent the proposed solution meets the challenge
  • market opportunity
  • capacity, capability and resources to deliver the project

2 months in

The feasibility study started at the beginning of July. It provides successful grantees an opportunity to determine and document the feasibility of their solution. The Next Paradigm team has been busy, with a keen focus on user needs. Over the last 2 months, the team has been conducting user research interviews with APS staff, including from the DTA. They have also begun testing and iterating prototypes with users, engaging with employees seeking individual growth opportunities in digital, as well as with managers and executives seeking to grow the digital capabilities of their team.  

1 month to go

Wrapping up at the end of September, Next Paradigm has 1 month left of their feasibility study. Over this time, the team plans to continue testing and iterating prototypes, and developing an adoption strategy, ending the 3 months with a final report.

We have enjoyed engaging with the BRII team and Next Paradigm, and we are keen to continue supporting Next Paradigm over the next month. We’re excited to see what Next Paradigm propose at the end.

More information

If you'd like more information, please see visit the Business research and innovation initiative website and The Hon Karen Andrews MP's ministerial announcement