Building digital sourcing capability across the APS

In the 6 months since we launched our Digital Sourcing Network, over 500 buyers and sellers have been involved in one of our events, opportunities or feedback sessions. 

A woman with a laptop talking
Caption: Business Analyst Samantha Benda at the buyer training and information session

This fast, enthusiastic uptake demonstrates how strong the desire is for more support and increased connectivity across the digital sourcing sector. The Digital Sourcing Network strives to meet that need and is looking forward to further growth in the coming year.

The Digital Sourcing Network provides opportunities for sourcing practitioners to get information, make connections, and discover new tools and resources. Practitioners don’t need to join the network to take part. If you are involved in sourcing digital products and services in the APS, you’re already part of the digital sourcing community.

Our goal is to make it easier for sourcing practitioners to do their jobs. This directly supports the Australian Government’s Digital Transformation Strategy which aims to make Australia one of the top 3 digital governments in the world—for the benefit of all Australians—by 2025. To do this, we must be able to quickly and easily source digital solutions for government needs. The network is committed to helping sourcing practitioners and government sourcing teams do this by growing their individual capacity and connecting them to the vast combined knowledge of their colleagues across government.

The Digital Sourcing Network currently has 3 streams of activity:

Learning and networking events

From agile sourcing to value-for-money, these events give sourcing practitioners access to new information and knowledge, as well as the opportunity to network with peers from other federal, state and territory government departments.

Events are promoted through our Eventbrite page, social media and the Department of Finance Procurement Bulletin. You can also register to receive direct updates by emailing and asking to join our mailing list.

Common Interest Groups

By bringing together networks of sourcing practitioners with shared interests and experiences, Common Interest Groups (CIGs) allow them to exchange knowledge and resources around specific sourcing topics. These groups comprise an online forum supported by information and networking events.

The Digital Sourcing Policy CIG was launched in July 2019 to give digital sourcing practitioners the chance to exchange ideas about how to adopt the new digital sourcing policies and implement them within their own agency.

The Sourcing Cloud CIG will be launched on Thursday 10 October 2019, with the goal of supporting sourcing practitioners facing the unique challenges associated with sourcing cloud-based technologies and services.

Common Interest Group forums are ‘in house’ and closed to the public in order to provide a safe space for government employees to share ideas and discuss issues freely. Find out more about Common Interest Groups and how to participate.

Working Groups

Working Groups bring sourcing practitioners together to address sourcing challenges or opportunities identified through user research completed by the Digital Sourcing Centre of Excellence. Participants engage in discussion and investigation, then work in partnership with us to recommend potential solutions to problems and ways to take advantage of sourcing opportunities.

Find out more about current and future Working Groups and how to participate.