Updates to the Scope of the Digital Service Standard

The Digital Service Standard describes a consultative and iterative approach to addressing user needs for all Australian Government digital services.

We’re taking our own medicine and listening to the feedback on the Standard received via this website and through other research activities we’ve been doing with our users over the last few months. Over the coming weeks you’ll be seeing more changes to the Standard and its supporting material as we refine it to incorporate your input.

One of our important updates is the Scope of the Digital Service Standard. User feedback indicated our guidance needed to be clearer about which services are and are not included. So we’ve clarified that the Standard is applicable to two kinds of services provided by non-corporate Commonwealth entities (most former FMA Act agencies):

  • high volume transaction services, such as lodging a tax return online
  • digital information services, such as an agency website.

We’ve also stated that the Standard does not apply to state, territory or local government services, or to personal ministerial websites.

Based on your feedback, we hope to release the beta version of the Standard in July with additional better practice guidance to help you implement it.

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions, and follow us on Twitter to find out when significant updates are made.

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