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From database diffs to the ABCs of A/B coding, we playback some tech blogs from our archives.

A monotone image tile with the words white grey black and the dta logo.

Which box is best?

We explore the terms white, grey and black box in the context of security testing, and explain which method works.

Screenshot of a database “diff” — a representation of differences between two databases. In this case, one database needs a new sequence, table, and constraint to be added to match the structure of another database.

DTA databases done differently with diffs

How and why we’ve trialed a new way to work with database diffs, making our migrations easier and more robust.

An image tile with the words security testing in an agile environment and the dta logo.

Security testing in an agile environment

Here’s how we perform security testing along with the challenges and opportunities our environment brings.

An image of team members discussing different solutions.

A/B coding — show, don’t tell

A little about A/B coding and how it allows developers to show the thing rather than just tell.

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