Documenting Discovery?

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Here at the Digital Transformation Office, we’re working on six transformation projects. Each one of them is starting small and iterating, going through the Discovery, Alpha, Beta and Live stages.

To build a service that meets users’ needs, you need to really understand your users and the service landscape before you start. You do this in the Discovery stage: Leisa wrote about this last week.

Many people have asked us what a Discovery actually looks like: what are the activities you do, and the things you should produce? To make it easier for other teams to try a Discovery too, we’ve written down our experiences so far.

Today, we’re launching a detailed handbook to the Discovery stage. It covers topics like the shape of the team you need, how you approach user research, mapping the existing technology and data, and ways to present your research and findings.

We’ve released it as open-source on GitHub, which means that anybody can suggest changes. We see the guide as a continuous work-in-progress and we expect to update it as we learn more from our work across government.

We’d love your feedback. If you’re doing a Discovery in your own team, let us know what works for you.

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