Digitising Mail

Today we’re excited to share with you our plans for transforming the way government agencies communicate with Australians. The Government is transforming how it transacts online and expanding and improving the myGov digital mail service is an important part of this process.

Each year, government agencies send hundreds of millions of letters and statements to Australians, and more and more of these letters are being sent digitally. In the past 12 or so months, more than 45 million letters have been sent by the Australian Taxation Office, Centrelink, Medicare and Child Support to people using myGov.

Over the coming 2-3 years an increasing number of agencies will use myGov to deliver messages, letters and statements to Australians. This will make it much easier for Australians to get all their messages from government in one secure inbox.

On top of that, the messages will contain links to help people navigate to services and seamlessly complete digital transactions, from start to finish. This will save thousands of Australians time, money, and frustration. It will also be better for the environment, and people will be able to have their digital mail forwarded to accredited third-party mail providers.

But you might ask, “why not send messages via email?” The problem is that many government messages contain sensitive personal information about tax matters, welfare payments or health issues, and email is not a safe way of sending this type of information.


We will also be expanding digital mail for businesses through a new digital account set for release in 2016. This will mean all Australian businesses will be able to get their messages from government in one place and then seamlessly complete digital transactions. This will be a game changer in the way business transacts with government, saving time and frustration.

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