Department of Communications and Arts joins GOV.AU

Kim Ulrick, Assistant Secretary of Digital Communications at the Department of Communications and the Arts shares her excitement about being part of the development of GOV.AU.

Last week we started the journey of moving content from our Department of Communications and the Arts websites to the whole of Australian Government, GOV.AU website.

There are currently around 1500 different Commonwealth agency websites in operation. GOV.AU is a flagship product from the Digital Transformation Office that aims to help the public find information and services from government in location. They don’t need to have a mental map of how government works but can look for information based on life events such as starting a business or having a baby. Those with more knowledge of government can find information based on agency or department information and finding different topics or content from different agencies will also be easier.

At the Department of Communications and the Arts we aim to be a digital leader and believe in user-centred design. Our existing and sites will continue to operate while the beta of GOV.AU is being developed. The most recent blog from the DTO on GOV.AU explains more

We are excited about being part of the development of GOV.AU and look forward to helping to improve the way Australians find and interact with government information and services online.

Kim Ulrick will be on the panel of “GOV.AU prototype: Your questions answered” event in Canberra tomorrow. You can still register for the event.

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